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CRO is a digital token backed by 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association-approved refiners. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, CRO is the digital representation of physical gold.

We carry only gold of the highest quality, using 100-gram Belgium gold bars from world-class refineries such as Umicore. Our custodian vault is Mennica in Poland.

Gold has always been a safe haven asset. As such, CRO will always be a stable store of value that is cryptographically secure. You can transact with an ease of mind, trusting in the transparency and security of our business.

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The best things about CRO


  • Gold as a stable store of value and safe haven asset
  • A hedge against the volatility of crypto markets


  • Divisible
  • Easily stored in and transferred between Ethereum wallets


  • Cryptographically secure with our Proof of Provenance (PoP) Protocol
  • Unalterable and tamper-proof records


  • Quarterly audits
  • Full visibility over digital ownership, transaction and inventory records

Transparent and Simple fee Structure

Transcation Fee
Annual Demurrage Fee

No hidden charges. Every record is traceable on the blockchain. Demurrage fees have been turned off for 2018.


Calculate how much Cronuscoin you will get approximately


Transaction fee: 4%


Who we work with for a secure & transparent process

We work with the following parties to ensure the highest level of operational security and transparency. By design, only upon the affixation of documents by independent parties in the supply chain can CRO tokens be minted.


Our gold bullion provider, ValueMax, is one of Singapore's oldest and best-established pawnbroking chains. Established in 1988, they provide pawnbroking services, and retail and trading of pre-owned jewelrey, LBMA gold bullion and luxury timepieces.

The Safe House

Our custodian vault is The Safe House Singapore, a subsidiary of Silver Bullion. It provides comprehensive and competitive solutions for corporations and high-net worth individuals looking to purchase, transport, and store precious metails. As mentioned on their website, The Safe House is ISO 9001 certified, 800 sq feet, state of the art vault which can hold over 600 metric tons of silver and 30 tons of gold and platinum.

Inspectorate at Bureau Veritas

Our precious metal auditor is Inspectorate at Bureau Veritas, a renowed world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. As mentioned on their website, they have expert testing and inspection services across range of industries in the commodities space.

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd provides segregated ownership of gold and silver. They focus on minimizing storage, counterparty and jurisdictional risks in a manner that traditional financial institutions cannot. Silver Bullion is also a member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) and was ranked the 33rd most entrepreneurial privately owned company in Singapore by KPMG and The Business Times (E50).


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